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Why preserve the baby tooth?

Mlečni zobki so odličen vir matičnih celic. Zobna pulpa mlečnega zobka vašega otroka, je polna dragocenih mezenhimskih celic ki imajo potencial reševati življenja. Zakaj bi jih zavrgli, če iz njih lahko shranite dragocene matične celice.

More on stem cells

Dental stem cells

The baby tooth’s dental pulp contains young and vital mesenchymal stem cells which are proven to have the ability to form into different tissues.

  • young
  • undamaged
  • potent

How does the banking procedure look like

The procedure of removing the baby tooth is simple. You fill out a form to receive a kit and then arrange the date of removal with a donor center. Then you take your kit to the donor center and they take care of everything. After the removal you call us and we send a courier is sent to take the kit. Then you wait for confirmation and the certificate of successful banking.


Apply through an online form to receive a banking kit.



Choose the nearest licensed and registered dentist who will remove the dental pulp.

List of dental centers


When the baby tooth becomes loose, bring your child to your chosen dentist to remove the tooth.

Removal process


Contact us immediately after the removal. We will send our courier to collect the tooth and take it to the laboratory.

Banking benefits

100% skladno z zakonodajo

We are the only bank in Slovenia that operates 100% in accordance with the legislation. Your child’s baby teeth are removed by qualified and licensed dentist with the outmost care, making sure the cells preserve the highest level of vitality. A correct removal process in a donor center is the only way to make sure that the cells will remain usable in case of treatment.

Why choose us?

Because our laboratory is located in Slovenia, we can ensure the faster transport and cryopreservation of the baby tooth.

Shortest transport time

Because our laboratory is located in Slovenia we can guarantee the shortest time of transport, ensuring the stem cells to preserve the highest level of vitality.

The only slovenian laboratory

We are the only bank that ensures processing and banking of the stem cells and the preparation of cells for treatment here in Slovenia.

Personal touch

You have direct access to our professional involved in the process. You can visit our laboratory anytime and make sure of our proficiency.

The best offer

Shranite zobno pulpo iz mlečnega zobka za 2590


Certifikat najvišje kakovosti

Stem cell banking is an important decision for you family. Our company’s mission is to provide affordable and excellent stem cells banking for every individual. StemSave is the leading company on dental pulp banking in the USA. Their patented technology is the only one that received approval from the AAOMS (The American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons). Because quality is the most important to us, we use StemSave’s patented technology to process and bank the dental pulp of your child’s baby tooth.

Our client s testimonials

Jan, 9 years, Slovenia

The dentist was really nice and it didn’t hurt one bit. My favorite part was getting the toy afterwards :)

Ema, 8 years, Slovenia

I was scared at first. But then it really wasn’t a big deal, it only hurt a little for a second and then my
tooth was out. The dentist was very very very nice and good at his job. And then he prescribed me to
get some ice cream.

Naj, 9 years, Slovenia

The dentist was really nice and it didn’t hurt one bit. My favorite part was getting the toy afterwards :)

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Brezplačni vodnik o negi mlečnih zobkov

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