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We are aware that the pricing is one of the key factors when deciding on stem cell banking. That is why we have designed a special offer to make it easier for parents to afford this insurance policy.

Banking for 20 years

Additional options

Price 2590

VAT is included in the price, the membership fee is included in the final price.

Included in the price:
  • ✓ Baby tooth removal kit
  • ✓ 20 year banking
  • ✓ Blood testing
  • ✓ Sample quality check
  • ✓ Banking in Slovenia
  • ✓ Transportation to a Slovenian hospital in case of treatment
  • ✓ Banking certificate
Additional information:

After the initial 20 year banking we recommend prolonging the banking period. The price for an additional year of banking ranges approximately between 40 and 60 € per year. You child’s baby tooth will be kept in Slovenia at all times.

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