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Collection facilities - donor centers

The cells are usable only if collected by a registered dentist who makes sure to label each tooth with the required documentation and makes it trackable. If the tooth is not collected by the dentist, its traceability is not guaranteed and its usability questionable. Your child’s teeth are collected for a donor center by a qualified and licensed dentist, which guarantees a safe and gentle removal, making sure the cells preserve their vitality.

We are collaborating with the best dental institutions registered at The Agency for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices of the Republic of Slovenia which carry out collecting stem cells and tissues for regenerative medicine and treatments in accordance with Slovenian legislation.

Simed, Ljubljana

SIMED Zobozdravstvo in zdravstvo, d.o.o.

Finžgarjeva ulica 4, Ljubljana

1000 Ljubljana

Phone: 01 5400 200


Babit, Ljubljana

Babit d.o.o., zobozdravstveni center

Kolezijska 25

1000 Ljubljana

Phone: 01 283 61 70


The benefits of professional teeth removal

Guaranteed traceability

Stem cells are usable only when collected by a registered dentist providing all the necessary documentation and traceability.

Vital cells

The baby tooth, carefully removed by a dentist shortly after becoming loose, still contains plenty stem cells. If the tooth falls out by itself the dental pulp dies and the cells are no longer usable.

Quick and painless

Baby teeth extraction is quick and completely painless.